Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Babe, we're too close to impossibility. 
You're as wide as an infinite can get.
I'm as vague as horizons seems.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Ang Paborito kong Tula (My Favorite Poem)

Folks, this is the first poem that left me so much things to realize. I really like this. Well, this is by a Filipino poet. Here (disclaimer: i don't own this though):

Monday, October 5, 2015

Saturday, September 19, 2015


The look in your eyes told me something was out. So we decided to get a drink. Amidst the cold night.

There we were in the corner of the bar, we took our jackets off and made our selves comfortable for the night.

Our first shot.

And you told me she was out in your life now.

Our second shot.

I should be happy but how can I when you were so miserable and broken?

Our third shot.

You can't forget how thankful she is that you're there for her.

 But would she submit herself to injuries just to save you?

Our fourth shot.

You told me how you can't forget the time she whispered that your unattractive laugh haunts her.

But did she tell you how attractive your unattractive laugh is?

Our fifth shot.

You told me how she complimented your formal get up at the prom.

But did she tell you how beautiful you are in those loose shirt, faded jeans and old sneakers?

Our sixth shot.

You can't forget how she used to kiss your pretty lips and your pretty soul.

But did she kiss your wounds and broken soul?

Our seventh shot.

Now, you'll miss waking her with the sweetest eight words she'll ever hear in her entire life.

But did she ever return those words to you?

Our eight shot.

You told me how vulnerable she was when she smiles a broken smile. So you acted as her blanket.

But, honey, did she even realize that you too, needs a blanket?

Our ninth shot.

You told me how you used to whisper to her how she means the world to you and she just returns it with a half smile.

But you are my life.

 Our tenth shot.

We both know the answers to my question.

Our eleventh shot.

We just drank.

Our twelve shot.

And we just let the time pass us by.

Our thirteenth shot.

We were just silent.

 Our fifteenth.

Our seventeenth.

Our twentieth.

Our twenty-first.

Our eyes are getting drunk. But not our minds.

Our twenty-second.

I finally placed my thought on words. I finally let out the sound that wanted to be words long ago.
"I fell for you. I fall for you. I shall always fall in love with you."

Our twenty-third.

Four words came out from you.

"But I am broken."

Our twenty-fourth.

"Be okay."

I took my jacket, stood up and wore my jacket.
I took three steps away our table and faced you. You're also facing me.
We both smiled.
I turned then continue for the door.
Just like that, I left the door open for you to close.

You took your last shot. Then you took my last shot for me.

Sunday, August 30, 2015


9:50 P.M. Realization ---

So you've got to choose between me and her.
You choose her because she only got you.
But you failed to realize. 
I got everyone else, still i had chosen you.

4:45 A.M. Realization ---

It's the consequences that i'm afraid of. I'll know if i'm brave enough but i wish i WAS brave enough. Maybe someday.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Covered Face

Hug me with your warmth

But you won't see that you're

A daydream away.


For the Love of Pizza

Hey! Welcome to my blog! :) This is my first post so I'm kinda thrilled posting this. I hope you'll like my upcoming posts. That would be all for now. :)

Oh, wait. Got a pizza for ya! Haha! Now that's rad!!!